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Welcome to The Galactic Renegades Campaign.

Beginning in the year 2560, this campaign follows the adventures of a collection of Old Earthers throughout the galaxy who arrive aboard an ARC ship after 400 years floating through space in suspended animation. Our (Anti-)heroes find that since their departure Jump technology has been discovered, meaning that the galaxy has already been populated and technology has progressed rapidly.

Alien races, corporations and criminal organisations vie for power in a galaxy in the midst of a cold war. Monsters roam the deepest reaches, planets await discovery, profit is to be made.
The opportunities are limitless and the riches vast, but whatever happens in the galaxy one thing is for certain.

Our Old Earthers will be critical to the outcome.

While entries may be fairly empty at the moment, things will hopefully be filled quite quickly.

The Galaxy:
These sections (will) contain important information about the workings of the galaxy.

Corps A break down of the big players in the galaxy.

Other Factions Corps aren’t the only people out there.

Jump Capable Species Back histories and physiology.

Systems This is where the fun happens (Mostly).

Economy How are you going to get rich without it?

Weapons Pew Pew!

Ships Like cars, but in space.

Information super network:
These sections (will) contain useful information. Pay particular attention to the News Reel

News Reel For your up to date galactic news.

Rumours Heresay and conjecture.

Critters Most have teeth.

Non Jump Species You’ve got to have an underdog.

Node Maps Computer networks of the 26th century.


Main Page

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