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PGC vows to tighten its security escorts for ships operating within beradyme space after the most recent attacks.


Pirates attack a cargo ship enroute with medical supplies and food. The cargo ship has been stolen and one escort frigate destroyed.

Talks between PGC and Beradyme heat up in the build up to the peace summit.

Unknown terrorists attack a PGC sky train outside Margin City. 10 PGC security personnel are murdered and one PGC official is still missing.

Ships go missing near the tail of the Persius Arm.

A collision between a Beradyme Multicorp freighter and a Beta Tech Corp passenger cruise is accused of being an act of aggression against Beta Tech. The HUBs rule it as an accident.

Anti corp terrorists have bombed a Fenrir Central Corporation office on Halcyon B, killing over 200 workers.

Increased military movements within PGC space.

News Reel

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