Jump Drives

Jump drives are the defining technology of the galaxy. While there are a number of pre jump civilizations, there are only three within the galactic community who have mastered the science.

There are two main forms of jump travel: Gated Jumps and Ranged Jumps.

Ranged Jumps are short range jumps of 10,000 light years or less depending on the power of your drive.
Gated Jumps are jumps of potentially infinite distance that will always arrive at the same point in space, namely Jump Gates.

Jump drives are large engines that use vast amounts of power to create an electro-magnetic ‘bubble’ around a fixed point in the ship. Depending on the type of jump being made the drive will perform one of two actions.

In the event of a Gated Jump the drive must have an unstable Vermont Particle contained within a ‘Jump Can’. The drive will then put everything within the bubble into the same unstable state, collapse the bubble and transport the ship instantly to the particles point of origin, a jump gate.

In the event of a Ranged Jump the drive will create a ‘phantom particle’ with no fixed point of origin. The ships jump navigator will then need to attempt to ‘lock in’ the area of space he/she would like to jump to. The drive will then destablise the ship and bubble will collapse, taking the ship to the specified point, with a margin of error determined by the navigators skill.

Ships that are built with jump drives are rarely, if ever, made to be atmosphere capable due to the huge electromagnetic pulse that results from the process. This pulse, even from orbit, can devastate a planets electrical grid, causing havoc.

Jump Drives

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