The Corporations of the galaxy are by far the most powerful organisations at this time.
They are run by the HUBs, sentient beings (Human, Xyllid or Doruun) augmented and plugged into supercomputers. The HUBs monitor all corporate actions (or at least they’re supposed to) to ensure moral practices. However over the last hundred years the laws that the HUBs are supposed to obey have become warped. Contractual slavery is the norm for PGC and whilst this is one of the worst and most widespread examples of the failing moral infrastructure, it is by no means the only one.

At present however the Corporations are at a stalemate. The HUBs keep any corp from openly attacking another with the threat of declaring the aggressor as a rogue corp. This would mean that all other corps could attack without penalty. But with increased competition aggression is becomming more and more likely. The clock is ticking.

Corporations in order of size:

PGC The Pan Galactic Corporation

Beta Tech Corp Silicon Valley 2.0

Beradyme Multicorp Every Pie.

Tensar Central Corporation

Y’Telemide Cerevene

Corpus Utilitatem Religious Zealots.


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