Jimmy Connors

Old Earth engineer and computer technician


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Raised in London, England to a fairly well off if normal family. Joined the European Army Engineers when he was 20 as an idealist. A recent earthquake in South America and the subsequent famine prompted him to join up.

He showed an aptitude for mechanical engineering and was soon moved to working in the aeronautic division where he gained a small command after being promoted to lieutenant. However, he became frustrated with the static nature of command and army life so he left to work as a consultant on the ARC ship project.

After about 10 years on the ARC project, he volunteered to be a ship engineer for the voyage to Proxima Centuri. The voyage would take lifetimes but with a large crew, working in shifts, the subjective time awake would only seem like 4 years.

During the voyage, a decompression incident happened when a previous shift had not secured a bulkhead correctly. Jimmy nearly died when the atmosphere vented from the crawl space he was in. He had to be frozen for the rest of the trip to keep him alive.

Upon arrival, he was fixed up with new organs. He was, like all the other colonists, shafted by PGC when he woke up. He lost out on back pay and was forced to take a contract to survive.

He now feels that all the red tape, inequality and general crappiness of humanity that he tried to escape back on Earth has multiplied and followed him to the future. All he wanted to do was break ground on a new planet and live his own life.

His future has been stolen, and he is angry.

Jimmy Connors

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